Ceramic Filter

Ceramic Honeycomb Filters slice mainly used for the melting of metal in metallurgy casting/foundry industry, Ceramic Honeycomb Foundry filters are basically in round, square slice shapes. Also can be called Extruded Ceramic Filters or Molten Metal Cellular Filters, JT-EF filters are widely used as molten metal filtration in metallurgical and foundry industries. This product has the characters of excellent resistance to thermal shock, high strength, high porosity and specific surface area. With its unique straight channel honeycomb designs, it can increase the specific surface area between molten metal and ceramic filter, thereby to improve its adsorption and capturing tiny impurities ability, so as to get ride of non-metal impurity and gas, make the metal liquid steady, purify metal liquid. It can not only reduce casting cost, but also improve casting quality.

Feature: High Mechanical intensity , heat-resistant characteristic, able to get rid of the metal impurity, refractory scrap, solid refractory alloy, sinter, in the molten metal liquid when casting the products, Reduce the air vent of castings, raise the quality of casting, reduce and cast the cost, Raise productivity. So ceramic filters are extensively applied in the metallurgy plant of casting /foundry of steel, iron, copper and aluminum. Performance:

The utilization ratio increasing 5-10%
Casting tired intensity increases by 15.5%
Thermal shock, Heat impact resistant not break cooling from 1200 by cold water for 5 times;
Coefficient of thermal expansion : 1000 1.6 5.4*10-6
Compressive strength in the direction of axis 2 5MPa;
Bulk density: ≥0.6 1g/cm3, Water absorption25±2 %

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