Hepa & Pre Filters

We supply a wide range of Filters like HEPA Filter, air fitration systems, Fine-Filter & pre filter systems, etc., that are used for various contamination controlling applications in the clean room processes. We import high quality micro fiber glass media for manufacturing HEPA Filters and also perform varios tests to ensure maximum efficiency for these filters.

Hepa Filters

We bring forth excellent quality Hepa Filters for our clients that are offered at competitive prices. Designed and implemented to meet needs of fine filtration up to 0.3 micron at high efficiency of 99.99 %. To enhance its efficiency, we use spun bonded polyester media that is clean. Available with varied coatings such as PTFE coating and PTFE lamination for excellent dust releasing. To restrict any moisture & oil content to penetrate through, hydrophobic & oleo phobic treatment on media is done.

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